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Tilt Think Improv

For individuals, developing personally or as a performer

Improvisation unleashes the brain for innovation, communication, relationship building, and storytelling. Workshops teach the fundamentals of improvisation through group games and exercises. We work on listening skills, speaking skills, collaboration, and acceptance, all while meeting new people and having a great time!

No experience in improv or theater is necessary, just an openness to something new and a willingness to support others! Tickle your creativity on a personal or professional level, and be surprised and charmed where your impulsive brain will take you.

Improvisation Personal Development: Services

Kathryn Polus, Teacher, Traverse City, MI

Lisa is working with our high school students on improvisation skills and techniques using a variety of games, exercises, and scene work. She is relating the improvisation work to brain functioning, so the students can be more conscious of their choices, not only when playing improvisation games and scenes, but also for their behavior in life. Students with all levels of experience and enthusiasm for theater have grown and excelled in feeling comfortable in front of their peers, exploring self-expression, and building community with the support of these workshops and activities.

Improvisation Personal Development: FAQ
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