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The Punk Rock of Theater: four week improv course set for 2020

A Story of Success

“Improv for me is like the punk rock of theater — you never know what’s going to happen,” Thauvette said.

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The Christal Frost Podcast

Turning a New Page

"Lisa, let's hear your story...", Christal Frost

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The Improverbial Podcast

A Story of Success

Pete Kirkwood and Lisa Thauvette unearth obscure old sayings from around the world and invent absurd new proverbs on the spot. It’s a mashup of improv comedy, positive psychology, human development theory, and idiomatic weirdness. Produced in collaboration with The Boardman Review and Cold Shower Media.

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White Pine Press - Northwestern Michigan College

"What's Got Us Listening Local Again"

"'s a great learn something and you get some clever comedy." Nick Loud of The Boardman Review about The Improverbial Podcast

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Common Threads

Livestream Conversation

Chris and Nick Loud of The Boardman Review sit down for a talk with Andrew Lutes of Commonground Cooperative to talk about the Boardman's many projects including The Improverbial Podcast (minute 17:40).