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The Punk Rock of Theater: four week improv course set for 2020

A Story of Success

“Improv for me is like the punk rock of theater — you never know what’s going to happen,” Thauvette said.

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The Christal Frost Podcast

Turning a New Page

"Lisa, let's hear your story...", Christal Frost

The Improverbial Podcast

A Story of Success

Pete Kirkwood and Lisa Thauvette unearth obscure old sayings from around the world and invent absurd new proverbs on the spot. It’s a mashup of improv comedy, positive psychology, human development theory, and idiomatic weirdness. Produced in collaboration with The Boardman Review and Cold Shower Media.

White Pine Press - Northwestern Michigan College

"What's Got Us Listening Local Again"

"'s a great learn something and you get some clever comedy." Nick Loud of The Boardman Review about The Improverbial Podcast

Common Threads

Livestream Conversation

Chris and Nick Loud of The Boardman Review sit down for a talk with Andrew Lutes of Commonground Cooperative to talk about the Boardman's many projects including The Improverbial Podcast (minute 17:40).