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Founder - 
Lisa Thauvette

(pronounced 'Thaw-vet', but you can call her Lisa)


Lisa has been in the brain tilting business since the start of her career as an HR training manager in global customer care centers in Bangkok, Manila, Buenos Aires, and Boulder, CO. Yearning to catch people earlier in their formation, Lisa earned a Master’s of Education in Montessori at the AMI Washington Montessori Institute (6 - 12 years old) and soon began working at International Montessori in Brussels, Belgium. After several years teaching in the classroom she served as the Head of School at International Montessori for over 11 years. As the Head of School, Lisa most enjoyed nurturing the spontaneity and growth of students, teachers, and families.

While in Belgium Lisa also discovered her passion for improvisational theatre, and studied and performed internationally with the professional improv troupe, The Ghost Sheep. From Brussels to Dublin, Malta to Amsterdam, and Chicago to Traverse City, Lisa has performed and taught improvisation in multi-settings, to multi-nationals, in multi-languages. 

Now living in the United States,

Lisa works with educators, innovators, improvisers, and leaders with training, consulting, speaking, and professional development workshops.

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