Online Team Play

Get your team moving and laughing-out-loud with games and activities specifically adapted for online play

PDF file with games curated from around the world

Games for every mood, purpose, and team style:


-Dance Party

-Here, Catch

-Yes, Let's

-What the? Scavenger Hunt


-Like my Drawing

-Family Reunion Slideshow


-Conducted Story Telling

-Three Things


-Spelling Boo

-New Clichés



-Press Conference

-Marketing Pitch


-Lip Dub Soap Opera

-Where have my Fingers Been? 

-Panel of Experts

-Zoom Call Hell


Tilt Think - serious play

Newscaster Game

Play a news reporter who is an 'expert' on a topic that was given to you by your teammates. You need to justify your virtual background with your news scoop.