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Interacting for understanding


From Entitlement to Graciousness

Igniting passion and action

Entitlement is more than being ‘spoiled’; it is the anti-thesis of passion. This workshop inter-relates several models of brain functioning alongside Montessori theory for practitioners to support children and teens in building strong and grateful dispositions…igniting passion and purpose! The culture of immediacy, from fast-food to fast-info (through smart-tech), short-cuts important brain circuitry in child development, requiring more than ever the positive outcomes of our Montessori environments and practices.

Learning goals and outcomes:

  • Articulate the implications of entitlement

  • Relate the Four Planes of Development to the model of the Triune Brain

  • Relate the Three Levels of Obedience as a tool and model to counter entitlement

  • Implement strategies in the physical and psychological environment for setting limits, diffusing negative behaviors, and creating pathways to logic, reason, and problem solving through empathy


What is your Temperament?

The story of the fox, beaver, owl, and dolphin

Human civilization depends upon the vast differences in human temperaments to grow and succeed. Personality tests help us to categorize patterns in human behavior, to better recognize and manage our unique abilities. The oldest and still most commonly referenced trait analysis was formulated by Aristotle. Through exercises and games we will examine these four categories and start to identify ourselves, using the four animals of fox, beaver, owl, and dolphin as a fun and easy-to-reference metaphor.


Let's Make a Team Playdate!

Ultimate team engagement

Play group games and exercises with your team for the sole purpose of having fun together. When we play with others we create, go into flow, and come out of it feeling relaxed, elated, and connected. Genuine and hearty laughter brings more oxygen to the brain and more lightness to our communities.

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