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Show and Tell - Improv for Elementary Aged Children

Leland Library hosted Tilt Think Improv for a show and mini-workshop for elementary children and their families, on the back lawn of their beautiful property (notice the gorgeous meandering river behind us leading to Lake Michigan!).

Five our our Tilt Think Improv Players performed 6 games and scenes and then we hosted some improv play for our eager audience. We played a name game where we introduced ourselves with an alliterative descriptive word to go along with our name and also a fun movement. Then we played '3 Elbows', which got us moving into different groupings. We also were in pairs and mirrored with our partner to get in tune with each other (see video). Finally, we played "I'm a Tree" which was a really fun way to use association, our bodies, and create with our fellow players.

Madison, Chelsea, Chad, Lisa, and Joe

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