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Good Times with Family and Friends Online - Part 1

Looking for some fun, laughter, and connection with friends and family this holiday? Here is a collection of games to play online with your favorite peeps. All that's needed is a video conference platform and a group willing to let down their hair and go for it. Even if some choose to sit it out, they will still enjoy watching the 'show'!

This is Part 1 of a three part series.

Show Yourself If…


All ages

How to play

Everyone shuts off their video camera. The leader makes a statement (“Show yourself if…you are left-handed). Everyone for which the statement is true turns on their video. We get to see who has what in common and also learn odd and quirky details about each other. After a few statements are made, invite anyone to contribute their own statements.

Example statements: Show yourself if…

you have a scar on your knee

you aren't completely dressed for this call

you have sworn in the past 24 hours

you have chocolate stashed in your office or backpack/purse



7 to 99

How to play

The group is going to tell a story together, by taking turns telling the story. As each person begins their part of the story, the words 'fortunately' and 'unfortunately' is alternated with each starting statement.

For example:

Player 1: Fortunately, it was a warm day and everyone was outside playing, biking, hiking, and swimming.

Player 2: Unfortunately, there was a very strange aroma that caused most folks to gag upon whiffing it.

Player 3: Fortunately, for a few people this aroma gave them superpowers.

Player 4: Unfortunately, the main superpower it gave them was to make more of the foul smell.

(Hint: Decide the order of who tells the story next, prior to starting. A suggestion is by alphabetical order by first name.)

Slow Motion


6 - 99

How to play

Two players keep their videos on while the rest of the group turn their videos off. The two players with the videos on are the performers and the rest are the audience. The two performers will play a scene together, without talking, and in slow motion. The leader gives the players a scene to play and also plays music on the computer audio (the theme from 'Chariots of Fire' adds intensity!). The scene plays for just 20 - 30 seconds so the players should ham it up for maximum exaggeration and drama!

Suggested scenes:

-Greeting a friend after a long time

-Giving a gift

-Conveying horrible news

-Having a surprise party

-Sprint finish

(Technical hint: The host of the zoom call can share their computer audio for playing music. This is done by going to Share Screen -> Advance -> Share Computer Audio).

***This collection of games is curated from improv groups and troupes from all over the world, in particular the Applied Improvisation Network.

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