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Teacher Professional Development - Online

Arbor Montessori, Decatur, GA

August 2020

Above, we are playing the game "What did you Say?" with these fabulous elementary teachers from Arbor Montessori in Dacatur, GA. During this two-part training workshop, we played over a dozen games and activities, specifically curated for promoting engagement and connection with students while online. Movement, language, problem solving, and collaborating, were all skills exercised while laughing and having fun!

Goals and Outcomes

Executive Functioning - Building consensus - Active listening and connecting - Being and staying in the moment - Taking risks - Using play for collaboration and discovery

Curricular Application - Exploring history - dramatis personae - Living visual art through group scene painting - Composing original sketches, as related to studies - Dissecting story elements through group story telling - Expanding vocabulary through rule-based improv scenes

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