• Lisa

Improvisation and Integrating the Brain

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Massachusetts Society of Montessori (MSM)

University of Wisconsin La Crosse Montessori Conference (Montessori - UW-La Crosse)

Association of Illinois Montessori Society (AIMS)

Workshop Summary:

In this interactive, fun, and hands-on workshop, participants are introduced to the basic tenets of improvisation and experience first-hand this playful art form. As an application to the classroom, improv techniques are linked to extending student learning, integrating the brain related to executive functioning, and also enriching parent conversations and relationships.

Montessori and improv share the principle of bringing the brain to its highest functioning by fostering empathy, gratitude, and narrative storytelling. Besides this great brain science, improvisation is simply fun to watch, participate and experience together!

Goals and Outcomes

Executive Functioning - Building consensus - Active listening and connecting - Being and staying in the moment - Taking risks - Using play for collaboration and discovery

Curricular Application - Exploring history - dramatis personae - Living visual art through group scene painting - Composing original sketches, as related to studies - Dissecting story elements through group story telling - Expanding vocabulary through rule-based improv scenes