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AMI/USA - The Montessori Experience - Enacted Storytelling

February 2021

Mozart and Bach prep for a Parent Ed. session

Now more than ever we need to walk in other’s shoes, take on other’s perspectives, and deepen our knowledge on an emotional and empathetic level. Enacted Storytelling is the art of doing, saying, and acting as someone ‘other', all while relaying a narrative. Dramatic and comedic arts is a hands-on and interactive tool which integrates our broad Montessori curriculum by attaching the student to humans past, present, and future using the student’s own voice, movement, and imagination. Amy Mayer and Lisa Thauvette will share their experiences in bringing dramatic and comedic arts to the Montessori classroom, while also learning from session participants the many varied and successful programs happening in schools across the US.

(recording of the session will be uploaded soon)

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