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AMI/USA - The Montessori Experience - Admin Track

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The Jazz of Leadership

February 2021

As part of the administrator's track for the AMI/USA annual conference, I presented a workshop on using improvisation as a tool to exercise and flex our adaptability muscles.


As busy leaders in Montessori communities we are improvising all day, every day. We never know what or who is waiting for us when we walk through the school doors. This makes our work exciting, never boring, and also a challenge to maintain personal flow and contentment when in a perpetual state of ambiguity. Through improvisational play, adaptability skills can be honed and celebrated through low-stakes and joyful exercises. Radical agreement (the ‘yes-and’ rule in improvisation), is the secret sauce to mental agility and solution seeking and solving. Come join this workshop to learn adaptability brain science, to hone your own malleable thinking skills, and to meet and play with fellow Montessori administrators.

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