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AMI/USA Administrator Meet Up

December 2020

Enjoy these games I loved playing with these great Montessori Heads of School!

Introduction starts at 1:44

Association Montessori International (AMI/USA) administrators played games together online for group enjoyment, connection, and laughter. I was happy to play two new games to the repertoire, "Slow Motion" and "Object Match". We played them for the first time during this session and they were both a success. "Slow Motion" requires connection and patience. The two players are given a scenario and they act it out, all in slow motion, with no words, while music plays in the background. The second new game, "Object Match", is a game of expertise. This means the players need to provide information, on the spot, with conviction and authority, as if they are an expert on a topic, even though it is all new to everyone involved. Check out these games, along with several others, following this link. (Games start at minute 7:43).

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