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AMI EAA Speaker - Summer Retreat (2019) - Cosmic Education, Improvisation, and the Brain

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Mirroring Exercise - Partners alternate who is leading the movement by focusing on one another.

Super Brain Exercise - One player stands in the middle while...mirroring the person in front, answering math questions from the person on the right, answering personal questions from the person standing behind, and giving empathy statements to the person on the left. A perfect analogy to what teachers do everyday, all day.

Scene Painting - A suggested location from the audience and players become the objects and characters to create a tableau. Supporting Cosmic Education, children can consolidate their knowledge of early humans, or early civilizations by painting a scene as a group. How would the scene tableau change from a Greek village, to a Roman village, to a Viking village?

Scene Painting Music - Music is played as an inspiration for players to create a scene. Here we have Bach's "Concerto for Harpsichord".

Musical Chairs in Abundance - Like the traditional game of "Musical Chairs" except people stay in when the music stops. All players need to find a 'seat' with less chairs at each turn. In the brain, the reptilian brain is overrulled by the mammalian brain (taking care of each other) and the neo cortex (logic and reason puzzling out how to make sure everybody can sit).

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