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Tilt Think Company Players

What do we do? 

Create connection and community!

How do we do it?

Through improvisational play!

We are a group of area improvisers who are committed to the art of theatrical improv;

we are the Tilt Think Company Players.

For some of us, this means we are performers. We hone our performance craft to delight and transport audiences with never-before-told nor seen stories and characters.

For others of us, we improv to connect people and ideas to fortify our community. We insert improv tenets of being fully present and co-creating with others into our work and relationships. Spontaneous play elicits laughter and strong bonds.

We, the Tilt Think Company Players, are dedicated to the process AND product of the improvised arts, cultivating strong relationships and communities, locally and globally.

Tilt Think Company Players: About

Company Player, an Invitation

You've been invited, now what?

So my friends...

what does this mean for you, to be a Tilt Think Company Player, if you so choose to accept?

Firstly, being a company player is by invitation only. This is a distinctive group from students who are taking a Tilt Think improv class. You have received an invitation because of your demonstrated commitment to improv. Being a company player means you want to play, grow, contribute, and connect with others who are also dedicated to elevating the improvised comedic arts. Through this connection we all mutually add value to the improv community. As stated in the website ‘manifesto' above, you are either focused on performing improv, or applying improv to non-performance activities (applied improv). 

So that’s the high level. Now in specific terms...

company players take part in weekly jams, have a chance to perform, and can form genre teams (troupes). 


You can be a Tilt Think Company Player in either active or inactive status, which you can choose according to the season. 

There are four seasons a year on the Tilt Think calendar:

Summer: June, July, August

Fall: September, October, November

Winter: December, January, February

Spring: March, April, May

Active status - 

$120 fee per season which means: 

- 12 Wednesday jam sessions during the season (except winter which has 11 jams due to Christmas).

Jams are Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:30*

- 1 Tilt Think Company show per season

- Discount pricing on classes, workshops, and retreats for the season

- Receive a TT t-shirt or hat (yes, merch!), for your first active season 

Other cool possibilities as an active player - 

- possibility to teach Tilt Think classes or lead Tilt Think Wednesday jams (earning credit toward fees)

- possibility to create performance teams and to perform as part of a Tilt Think show

Inactive status - 

Knowing that not everyone will be able to jam and play all year long, a Tilt Think Company Player can be in inactive status for two out of the four seasons per year. In that case you do not pay a fee for the season, but are still considered a Company Player, until you activate again. You can join up again at a start of a new season. 

*Note: Jam sessions are a community activity where there is a facilitator who coordinates a warm-up, exercises, and scenes. The focus is on the group building cohesion, synchronicity, and elevated play. It can be likened to a band jam session. The time is not dedicated to teaching or training an individual on specific skills (although a lot of improvement and refining of skills will inherently happen). Digging into specific individual skills is the role of a class environment. Classes are offered by Tilt Think Improv, individual coaching can be coordinated among company players, and recommendations for national training centers (Second City, iO, Annoyance, etc.) can be given.

Tilt Think Company Players: About

Aspiration for the future

Place -

Tilt Think Improv is in search of a permanent home; a space to practice and ideally perform. We are keeping an eye and ear out for a place and partners. Thanks for keeping your eyes and ears open too!

Going Big and Going Global - 

1) Going Big - The idea is to create unique, thrilling, and consistently entertaining formats for us to consistently ‘pack the house’ not only here in Traverse City but to take on the road and perform and teach at festivals. Tilt Think Improv taps into every one of our unique comedy talents and aims to exploit/explode these talents to the max. Some enjoy comedy with word play, some through storytelling, some through music, some through film, some through sketch. Tilt Think improv is a ‘dream maker’…we’re here to pump up your comedy dreams and help you find your groove and your audience.

2) Going Global - Tilt Think Improv has many improv contacts and experiences overseas, primarily Europe. The idea is to bring performers and teachers from other parts of the US and also from overseas here to little ol’ Northern Michigan. This is for our enjoyment and benefit, but also to put Traverse City on the map of comedy hamlets. One day Tilt Think Improv can host a festival or a summer season of professional comedy performances here in Traverse City for national and international audiences.

The sky and the world is our limit!

Tilt Think Company Players: Welcome
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