Leelanau Montessori Teacher Training

Joy and Connection

Being flexible and spontaneous are a teacher's superpower, but our flexibility has been stretched to the max for the past two years with the pandemic. This session will focus on connecting together through joy and play. Laughing together as a team is exactly what we need as professionals and as a school community.


Leland Library Improv Show

September 28th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

The Leland Township Library has great programming throughout the year for children, families, and adults. We'll perform once again on the back lawn, with the beautiful backdrop of the Carp River leading out to Lake Michigan. Our scenes will be centered on audience suggestions related to the books and stories they are reading currently...to only be sputtered back out through our improvised lens, in a ridiculous mash-up.


The Montessori Event 2023
"Sneezing with your Eyes Open: building resiliency through joy and levity"

March 16 - 19, 2023, Boston

Just like you can’t sneeze with your eyes open, it’s equally difficult to stay grumpy after a good belly laugh. Maya Angelou’s salient quote, “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh,” takes us beyond the ‘fun’ of laughter, and makes a critical link to trustful relationships. This workshop will share techniques and insights on how to bring more levity and lightness to the school community, especially and most importantly during ‘rough times’. And yes…we’ll even cut into what’s happening in the brain, figuratively speaking of course.


Farm Club - Traverse City

October 6, 2022

6:30- 7:30pm

The Farm Club has just gotten hipper with the hosting of the Tilt Think Players to its fall roster. With a cornfield as our backdrop, we're going to spin straw into golden scenes of hilarity and high-jinx. Come join us if you are in northern lower Michigan.


Improv Fest Ireland

16 - 20 November, 2022

Simone Ellul and Lisa Thauvette, aka, "Invisible Women" aren't strangers to Ireland...they toured there in 2019...remember those good ole days? Now they will perform on Friday 18/11/22 in Dublin as part of Improv Fest Ireland.
Lucky Ladies!

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