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Tuesday Tilt Think Improv Jam

January 11 - February 22, 2022

Calling all who are playful and curious, (and living in northern lower Michigan), to join this improv jam for all experience levels where we will learn the foundations of yes and, failing with flair, and supporting our partner.
Plus it will be SO MUCH FUN!

Online Games and Activities for Engagement and Community

Ongoing classes August - December 2021

We're all ready for a bit of lightness and fun at our next team meeting. That's right, throw the agenda aside for a moment and come join our next play date. You will participate in a list of activities and games which you can immediately bring to your next group gathering.

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Montessori Foundation/
IMC Conference

No Laughing Grey Matter: connection, harmony, and levity through improvisational play

November 4 - 7, 2021

Lead Montessori

Prague, Czech Republic
13th & 14th November

Community Building Games and Activities

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The Montessori Experience 2022

Orlando, FL
18th - 20th February 2022

Leading with Levity:
creating a culture of humor, joy, and play (especially when you ain't feelin' it)