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Montessori Europe Congress

Promoting Peace through Improvisational Play in Montessori Settings

Montessori Europe Congress

21 - 22 May, 2021

Playing and Online Games -
For Teachers

Ongoing classes November 2020 - June 2021

Looking to add levity and fun to your online student meetings? Then come play during a one-hour teacher play date! You will come away from the session with a full list of ideas which you can immediately use with your students.


National Writers Series

School Staff and Faculty Meetings

Spring 2021

Portland, OR

Traverse City, MI

Leelanau, MI

Levity and joy during a Zoom staff meeting? Yes!
Through facilitated games, activities, and funny scenes your team can let go of the agenda for a moment and focus on each other. A bonus...the activities are directly applicable to share with students for online or in-person learning.