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Montessori Europe Congress

Promoting Peace through Improvisational Play in Montessori Settings

Montessori Europe Congress

21 - 22 May, 2021

Playing and Online Games -
For Teachers

Ongoing classes November 2020 - June 2021

Looking to add levity and fun to your online student meetings? Then come play during a one-hour teacher play date! You will come away from the session with a full list of ideas which you can immediately use with your students.

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National Writers Series

School Staff and Faculty Meetings

Spring 2021

Portland, OR

Traverse City, MI

Leelanau, MI

Levity and joy during a Zoom staff meeting? Yes!
Through facilitated games, activities, and funny scenes your team can let go of the agenda for a moment and focus on each other. A bonus...the activities are directly applicable to share with students for online or in-person learning.