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Musical Improv Retreat with Amber Linde

April 2022

Thirteen adventurous and daring improvisers came together at Camp Haven in Empire, MI, to learn the art of musical improv with Chicago-based musical improviser extraordinaire, Amber Linde.

(Here is most of the gang with Amber in the floral shirt)

For two days we learned how to go from an improvised scene to an improvised song. We learned how to set a chorus, how to go into a verse, and how to bring it all to a close...all as if it were planned from the beginning.

(Here we are in the beautiful Camp Haven workshop space. Brian was our grill master, grilling hamburgers, sausages, and portobello mushrooms for our Saturday dinner).

The weekend culminated in a student showcase for friends and family at Studio Anatomy in Traverse City on Sunday afternoon.

With local pianist, Aaron Balestrero, as our Musical Director we can now officially say that the art of musical improv is alive and kicking here in northern Michigan!

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